Flight training in Canada is provided through Transport Canada-accredited Flight Training Units and licensed freelance instructors.

Transport Canada’s website provides a searchable database of all accredited Flight Training Units nationally.

Pilots in Canada require a Medical Certificate applicable to the class of license held. Click here to find your nearest Civil Aviation Medical Examiner.

COPA is proud to promote the following providers of flight training who are Corporate members


Brampton Flight Centre
Flight school, flight college, Cessna pilot centre, aircraft maintenance, Cessna aircraft and parts sales, Humphrey’s pilot shop, fuel sales.
Devenir Pilote
Airplane shares available at a fraction of the cost. Professional aviation administration of your asset.
Dorval Aviation
A flight-training centre offering the full curriculum of training from private to commercial including multi, instrument and float ratings.
Focus Sport Aviation
Flight School. Variety of services including pre-purchase aircraft inspections, assembly and maintenance & repair.