Last Updated: March 25, 2024

The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association (COPA) plays a vital role in advocating for the rights and interests of general aviation enthusiasts and pilots across Canada. As a non-profit organization, COPA is committed to promoting the accessibility and safety of private and recreational flying.

COPA strives to ensure that the concerns and needs of the general aviation community are addressed. Through working with government bodies and organizations, public awareness campaigns, and educational programs, COPA strives to protect the Canadian freedom to fly while fostering a supportive and vibrant aviation community in Canada. 

Prominent trends and changes that COPA is focused on

  • Less people are becoming pilots
    COPA helps to resolve this by helping to re-romanticize the flying world amongst Canadians and inspiring new generations of pilots across Canada.
  • Aviation infrastructure is dwindling
    Without runways, private or small airports, and other infrastructure, COPA and its members cannot do what they love. This presents a pressing advocacy focus for our association.
  • Barriers to aviation appear to be growing
    Be it financial, regulatory, or mental barriers, to the outside eye it may seem as though getting into aviation in any capacity is less attractive and less attainable. COPA works to help make flying more accessible.

COPA's Freedom to Fly Fund
This private fund for COPA members with national issues was created to guarantee that COPA would have the resources required to take on emergency actions, legal or otherwise, in the defence of the Canadian Freedom to Fly. The fund is sustained through the generous contributions of COPA members and supporters and the association has a goal to maintain a ready $1M reserve for covering legal fees, when necessary.