COPA Aviation Academy

Though it has become much safer over the last thirty to forty years, general aviation is still faced with incidents and accidents that can be avoided with proper risk management and decision-making. In 2021, COPA launched its monthly safety seminars, in which upwards of 1,200 live attendees would participate for 2-3 hour long sessions. However, to adapt to online learning and to improve the learning experience for our pilot community, we launched the COPA Aviation Academy in 2023. This is the first e-learning platform of its kind in Canada and is the only national tool dedicated to mitigating the inherent risks associated with flying for the general aviation community in Canada.

Getting started
To access the learning management system, click the button below to setup your new COPA Aviation Academy account.


Recurrent training
COPA's online safety courses help pilots enhance their skills and knowledge, resulting in the potential decrease of incidents and accidents. Some of these courses meet the 24-month pilot recurrent training program requirements of CAR 401.05(2)(a) and would be noted in the course.

A culture a safety
Help promote the strong safety culture within general aviation by participating in our new courses beyond the 24-month recurrent training requirements of the CARs. COPA members gain an accident forgiveness insurance incentive for each safety course they complete.

Learning library
The COPA Aviation Academy will house learning content ranging from safety to leadership to health and being to other topics relevant to the flying community. To submit an idea for a course, contact

COPA’s Flight Safety Foundation

COPA’s safety seminars are supported by the COPA Flight Safety Foundation which provides a variety of aviation safety-related educational material and training services to the Canadian general aviation community.

The Flight Safety Foundation relies exclusively on donations to fund these services. If you would like to make a donation, it’s as easy as clicking here.