Setting Up My Account

COPA's new member portal

Did you know that COPA launched a new COPA member hub this past January 2024? This is our one-stop-shop for renewing your membership, connecting with other members, and accessing exclusive advocacy updates. Through our new member hub you can:

  • Access private discussion forums
  • Join COPA
  • Renew your membership
  • View members-only content
  • And much more!

Activate your new account
If you haven’t registered your account yet, check out the video below to learn how you can access our new member management system. 

Accessing your account
Click on the link below to access the private discussion forums and to renew your membership.


Still have questions?
If you still have questions, check out our Q&A webinar recording and frequently asked questions below. You can also contact COPA for further assistance at

Member Notice (Nov 2023)

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why did we switch systems?
    Our old system was no longer serving the needs of our growing community and as a result, was reaching the end of its lifecycle. 
  2. Where can I access the member hub?
    The new member hub is available on desktop and via a mobile app for download (Apple App Store and Google Play via My Glue from Glue Up). This means you’ll have more touchpoints with our network of 12,000 members and with COPA National.
  3. How do I get started?
    Please click on the welcome link sent directly to your email from “”, and use the email we have on file for your membership. This would be the same email account for which you are currently receiving and reading this email. Please use this time to review your information to ensure it is all up-to-date. The mailing address on file is what we use to send you print issues of our Flight magazine, for example. Please note, SMS is not currently a feature that is being offered.
  4. What if I didn’t get a welcome email?
    Please check your junk mail before reaching out. If you still cannot find the welcome email in your spam or your ‘other’ email folders, please contact or call at 613-236-4901.
  5. How do I make changes to my notifications?
    Please click on the “Edit Profile” button on your dashboard and select which options you prefer from the “Notification Settings” button via the left pane on the My Glue dashboard.
  6. How does payment work?
    Be sure to set up your payment information to ensure a smooth renewal process. COPA does not have access to credit card information. Your card details are held and protected by our payment system, Stripe. Please note, effective October 1, 2023, COPA no longer accepts any form of payment other than credit cards for new memberships and for the renewal of memberships. This change will improve efficiency and reduce costs for the association and will ultimately help to fulfil our mission and better serve our members. Additionally, COPA will still accept cheques for donations of $100.00 or more to the Freedom to Fly Fund and to the Flight Safety Foundation.
  7. How can I setup my auto-renewal?
    This option is currently disabled and will be introduced in the next stage of our implementation. If you prefer your membership to be automatically renewed, please hang tight for now!
  8. What is COPA’s refund and trial policy?
    COPA memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable. Once payment is made, no refunds will be issued, with the exception of extenuating circumstances made at the discretion of the association. Members can opt-in for a monthly membership option for a minimal 30-day commitment.