Kawartha Lakes Flying Club Celebrates Annual "Kawartha Airport Klassics"


Written by: Phil Lightstone
Photos courtesy of Phil Lightstone

July 6, 2024 saw the annual Kawartha Lakes Municipal Airport Fly and Drive In (CFN4, also known as Lindsay). The event was supported by the Kawartha Lakes Flying Club (KLFC) and the Kawartha Classic Kruisers.

The airport had 25 aircraft, 3 helicopters, 110 classic cars, four vendors with tabletop displays and between 400 and 500 visitors attend the one-day event.  COPA Flight 101 (www.klfc.ca) had 12 volunteers helping to marshal aircraft while keeping people off of the hot ramp area.  Fuel was discounted to $2.60 per litre. The Flying club and Flight 101 were revived in the spring of 2011 in the interest of promoting the airport and general aviation in the Kawartha Lakes Region.  The airport has seen an expansion over the past few years, with new hangars being built, self serve fuel and the expansion of the ramp area and taxi way (to the new hangars). 

Glenn Osmond of CASARA
Glenn Osmond of CASARA attended the fly in at Kawartha Lakes Airport (CNF4). 


While we typically refer to a hot ramp as one with aircraft movements, the outside air temperature was well over 28C with mostly clear skies.  The winds were favouring the grass runway, but as they were light (ish), landing on the 3,508 foot paved runway (13-31) was not an issue for most if not all of the pilots attending the event.  The weather cooperated with the breeze helping to keep the heat at bay.  The thunderstorms did not arrive at the area until after the event was over and to the north of the airfield. 

When I arrived with CASARA Volunteer Glen Osmond acting as Co-Pilot and first officer (of the Commander), there was very little traffic at Lindsay other than an aircraft in the circuit executing touch and goes.  The active runway was 13, which is a right-hand circuit (very reminiscent of runway 15 at CYKZ).  Some aircraft were parked on the grass, but there was plenty of room on the apron for the Commander.

A fixture at the airport is the Airport View Restaurant, renowned for their butter tarts.  With the airport (and restaurant) on one of the area’s main automotive arteries, the restaurant can be quite busy at times, especially Sunday mornings.  The food is excellent with a typical menu, something for everyone.  With the fly and drive in, the influx of hungry people kept the servers and kitchen staff hopping.  Everyone got their food with just a bit more than usual wait, with free-flowing coffee and water. In January 2018, they won the prestigious 14th annual Big Brothers and Big Sisters Kawartha Lakes Halliburton Wing Fest held at the Lindsay Armoury. Ten restaurants were vying for the title of Best Wings with 300 judges voting for the best wings.  They are not only known for great butter tarts, but crowds will be heading to the Airport View Restaurant to check out their award-winning chicken wings.

Andy Nureddin, executive member of the Kawartha Lakes Flying Club reports: "we were extremely pleased with the turnout this year. The pleasant weather and wide variety of planes and classic cars made this a memorable experience, especially for kids. Many thanks to all the people who made this event happen and we look forward to next year".


Local Kawartha Lakes city councillors were in attendance, admiring the the custom cars and aircraft.  A few pop-up tents had organizations promoting the merchandise and messaging.  The Canadian Armed Forces had a tabletop exhibiting recruiting information.  Butch’s Synthetics of Woodville ON, had a tabletop promoting AMSOIL synthetic oils (www.butchssynthetics.ca).  AMSOIL founder and industry pioneer Al Amatuzio built his company on the same principles that defined his career as a jet fighter squadron commander, excellence, integrity and strong leadership. In 1972, AMSOIL 10W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil was developed, the result of years of research and inspired by aerospace technology. It outperformed conventional oils on all counts, signalling a new age in lubrication science.

While the KFLC has no fly ins on the horizon, checkout COPA’s Calendar of Events, which can be found at  www.copanational.org/aviation-events.  The KLFC has regular fly outs to airports in the area for the proverbial $100 hamburger.  For more information about the KLFC, you can contact club President Craig Logan at clogan@loomex.ca.


Classic cars on display
Some cool classic cars on display. 


Canadian Armed Forces were on hand to talk about a career with the military
Canadian Armed Forces were on hand to talk about a career with the military.


The crew from COPA Flight 70 made the journey from Oshawa (CYOO)
The crew from COPA Flight 70 made the journey from Oshawa (CYOO) 


COPA Flight 101 Andy Nureddin and Mark Moore provided impeccable ground marshalling.
COPA Flight 101 Andy Nureddin and Mark Moore provided impeccable ground marshalling.