A busy spring for Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu


Smile generating flights at "Jeunes en vol". Image courtesy of Jean-Pierre Bonin
Smile generating flights at "Jeunes en vol". Image courtesy of Jean-Pierre Bonin




By Jean-Pierre Bonin

The Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu Pilots and Hangar Owners Association (COPA Flight 160) has had a busy end of Spring. On May 25, APPH held their 5th edition of their annual «Jeunes en vol» (Youth take flight). The weather was perfect, 285 youngsters flew in one of the 20 GA aircrafts available. Over 70 volunteers worked together to welcome more than 1,000 visitors on the site. Thanks to all the organizers for putting smiles on all faces that day!

Mark van Berkel in front of his Cirrus SR22T Carbon
Mark van Berkel in front of his Cirrus SR22T Carbon. Image courtesy of Jean-Pierre Bonin.


June 15th, just three weeks later, they were at it again, this time having an «Aero Grill» Fly-in and the weather was splendid! Sunny skies and rather calm winds (though some politely declined the invitation as 12 kts seemed to much for them). The airport is also a rare case where ATC are present in a tower supervising in-coming and out-going flights (and again some seem rather shy when it comes to talking on the radio to an ATC) The date was also changed going from mid August to mid June. You might have guessed it, we were trying to understand why a turn out of 30 planes. Mind you, 30 is OK, but we were expecting more visitors. First visitor in early inn the morning was Mark van Berkel, COPA President and CEO.


During the busy rush of events, COPA director for Quebec, Pierre Drapeau, presented the Director's Award to Daniel Morissette. Daniel was nominated for the award for over 40 years of support to the GA community in Quebec. He has held a number of positions, including Air Boss at air shows in Quebec City and Gatineau, and has been involved with Hope Air, Sauvetage et recherche aériens du Québec (SERABEC), and Civil Aviation Search and Rescue Association (CASARA).

Again, the organization of this busy events season was top notch, including limos to shuttle pilots and passengers from their planes to the gathering site. All I can say is Bravo APPH!

Daniel Morissette recipient of the 2024 COPA Directors Award
Daniel Morissette (right) received the  2024 COPA Directors Award from COPA co-director for Québec, Pierre Drapeau (right). Image courtesy of Jean-Pierre Bonin.


It’s a Fly-in ! Bring a kid with you
It’s a Fly-in. Bring a kid with you! Image courtesy of Jean-Pierre Bonin