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COPA Emergency Medical Travel Program is now extended to age 79! (Scroll down for more details)

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First of all, we at the COPA / Puhl group office hope all is well with you and your family in these Covid-19 virus times.

The COPA travel underwriter SSQ Insurance will be covering emergency medical expenses resulting from COVID-19 for those travelling to a county for which the Canadian government has issued an avoid non-essential travel notice (level 3)

However, emergency medical expenses are not covered for travel to a county for which an avoid all travel advisory (level 4) has been issued.  Please always check with your airlines on the travel advisory level to your destination.

During the trip: 
In the event that the Canadian government issues an avoid all travel advisory (level 4), insureds will have 14 days to return to Canada, after which time, coverage will no longer be provided.

Information and advice: 
During this pandemic, our priority remains the health and safety of our clients with decisions based on their best interests. Although the best option is to avoid travelling altogether, SSQ Insurance wants to protect those who must.

Remember that in all countries affected by the coronavirus, any directives issued by the local government and public safety authorities will supersede those of our assistance service. As a result, access to health care may be limited.  Car rental and airline seat availability maybe not as secure as before.  Hotel rooms may be limited for extended stays.

It is wonderful news that travel is opening up and we wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday.

COPA Emergency Medical Travel Program is now extended to age 79! (Scroll down for more details)

We listened to you, the members of COPA, and were able to negotiate with SSQ to amend the current contract. This is how the program looks now with the age enhancement:

Up to age 69: $222 per year
*covers all dependent family members
Under age 65 – pre-existing medical conditions are covered
Age 65 – 69 – 3 month pre-existing condition clause

Ages 70 – 74: $386 per year
*covers all dependent family members
6-month pre-existing condition clause

Ages 75 – 79: $772 per year

Exclusions and Limitations Applicable to ages 75-79 only:

A. 11. any condition for which the Insured Person received medical advice, consultation or
treatment within twelve (12) months prior to the commencement of a Trip, with the exception of a Chronic Condition which is under treatment and Stabilized by the regular use of prescribed medication;

“Chronic Condition” means a disease or disorder which has existed for a minimum of twelve (12) months.

“Stabilized” means there has not been a change in the medical condition requiring

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