• The John Bogie Memorial Award is presented to any aviation company, organization, individual, government agency or department that has raised the image of aviation, piloted and remotely piloted, in Canada.  
  • The President's Award is awarded annually to an individual(s) who has made a notable contribution to aviation in Canada.  
  • The Chair Award is presented to any COPA member who has shown an outstanding commitment to our objectives to maintain our Freedom to Fly.  
  • The Editor's Award is presented to an individual that has made a substantial contribution to the COPA Flight magazine.  
  • COPA's Director's Awards provide regional recognition for the many efforts being made to advance, promote and preserve our Canadian Freedom to Fly.
  • The Appreciation Award is presented to any group or aviator who made a significant contribution to support or promote flying, piloted and remotely piloted, in Canada. Nominations are made by COPA Members.
  • The COPA Flight Excellence Award was introduced in 2022 and was designed to recognize excellence in an active COPA chapter and its members for their commitment, service, and involvement in their COPA Flight, aviation and/or community-at-large. Nominations are made by COPA members and/or COPA Flights. 

Nominations for Awards


  • Normally, applicants and nominees must be residents of Canada and members of COPA. In some cases, it might be appropriate to honour an individual or organization with an award where the recipient is not a member of COPA. The  Selection Committee members shall make this decision. 
  • Any individual or organization, public or private, is eligible to receive an award. The recognized contribution may be a single incident of an outstanding nature or continuous service to aviation, piloted and remotely piloted, over a period of time. 
  • Currently serving members of the Board and Staff are not eligible for an award. 

Selection Criteria

  • Awards should normally be for a contribution to aviation in Canada. 
  • The impact of the contribution should relate to improvements within aviation, piloted and remotely piloted, in areas such as safety, management, engineering, leadership, promotion etc. 
  • In the case of the President’s Award, and the Chair’s Award,  the nomination of a recipient will be made by the President and CEO and Chair of the Board of Directors. 
  • The Editor’s Award nomination will be made by the COPA Flight Editor and Publisher.


  • Recipients of COPA’s Volunteer Awards Program will be notified by early June of each year and will be extended an invitation to attend COPA’s Annual General Meeting where volunteer award winners will be formally recognized.  

Past Recipients

John Bogie

  • Alberta Air Tours (2022)
  • Guy Devenny (2021)

President's Award

  • 2023: Robert Jaap 
  • 2022: Raquel Lincoln 
  • 2021: Gordon Price 
  • 2020: Cameron Boekhoff 
  • 2019: Glen (Bruno) Bradley 
  • 2018: BC General Aviation Association
  • 2017: Clark Morawetz
  • 2016: Alan Hepburn 
  • 2015: Martin Mercier: For the last 4 years, Martin has been the inspiration and and driving force behind the construction and operation of the recently constructed Neuville airport. 
  • 2014: Claude Stevenson - Enthusiastic caretaker of istoric Harbour Grace, NL Airstrip
  • 2013: Chris Wood - The Region of Waterloo International Airport -  Managing Waterloo Airport in support of Personal Aviation
  • 2012: Mireille Goyer - to celebrate women pilots’ history, raise awareness of aviation’s opportunities among girls and women and introduce girls and women to aviation.
  • 2011: Milan Kroupa - For making Edenvale a home for General Aviation
  • 2010: John Van Lieshout. For leadership in introducing thousands of youth to aviation.
  • 2009: Michael Potter and Vintage Wings. For helping to to inspire and educate future generations about the historical significance of our aviation heritage
  • 2007: John Lovelace who is well known for his TV show Wings Over Canada. The inscription on the award says: “For ‘Showing’ Personal Aviation to Canada and the world.”
  • 2006: Kathy Fox of Gatineau, QC.  President's Award.  For her passion for all sectors of aviation.
  • 2005: The Calgary Flying Club, Springbank, Alberta – Giving wings to Canadians since 1927
  • 2004: Springfield Flying Club - For fostering a positive and growth attitude for GA. John T Williams accepting
  • 2003: Lloyd Richards - Outstanding ambassador for General Aviation
  • 2002: Bill Carter of St. Albert, Alta. - For being an outstanding ambassador for General Aviation
  • 2001: Hope Air Volunteer Pilots of Canada - Patient delivery program
  • 2000: Rem Walker, EAACC - Regina, Sask. - For Outstanding support of COPA and private flying in Canada.
  • 1999: Ben McCarty, in Fredericton, N.B., executive secretary of the Canadian Federation of AME Associations - He was instrumental in delivering the Owner-maintenance Aircraft Category and worked with COPA chairman Herb Cunningham to develop the new propeller overhaul requirements.

Chair's Award

  • Ken Zachkewich (2023)
  • Roger Hildesheim (2022)
  • Trekker Armstrong (2021)
  • David Sprague (2020)