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February 2016

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Fort McMurray

"The COPA National Office, the board and their constituents sympathize with our Fort McMurray members, their families and loved ones, victims of the fire and the massive evacuation of the city.  We hope for a safe evacuation and a quick return to normal for all. - Bernard Gervais”

Buttonville To Stay Open Another Year

Buttonville Airport in Toronto will stay open until at least October 31, 2017.

Directors of the facility met Wednesday (April 27) and agreed to extend the life of one of the GTA’s busiest GA facilities. The airport was slated to close by Oct. 31, 2016 to make way for a massive residential and commercial development.

There’s no word on the rationale for the extension but many of the tenants of the airport have moved or announced plans to do so.

Transport Canada announced it was closing its offices at Buttonville by the end of June of this year.

But meanwhile the facility will remain available.

“All, it is now official,” said Buttonville Flying Club President Dave Sprague in an email to members. “Buttonville Airport will stay open until at least October 31, 2017.”

Nav Canada Avis important à tous les Aviateurs région Montréal/Nav Canada important changes to Montreal TCA

Cliquez ici pour l'information.  

Click here for further information.

COPA 2016 Yarmouth Convention

Plan your vacation and join COPA Flight 63 as they host the COPA Convention and Annual General Meeting June 24-25, 2016.

Click here for further information and to register.

Click here for the Notice of AGM and Proxy Form.

Changes with COPA Flight coming/Changements à venir au COPA Flight

 April 25, 2016

COPA is excited to announce that as of today, we are partnering with Canadian Aviation Publishing (CAP) to enhance our communications platforms and to better serve our members.  

Indeed, starting with the next July issue, COPA Flight will become a full colour magazine format (8 1/2’ X 11’) and sent to all COPA members.  This outsourcing deal will also leverage CAP’s experience of just-in-time aviation news delivery, improving our members’ online experience on the website and complemented by a regular newsletter.  

As of today, the contacts are now:

Editing: Russ Niles,

Advertising: Katherine Kjaer,

Any other questions or enquiries can be directed to Bernard Gervais, COPA Pres & CEO, 613-236-4901 x.102


Le 25 avril, 2016

COPA est fière d’annoncer qu’à compter d’aujourd’hui, elle s’associe à Canadian Aviation Publishing (CAP) pour améliorer nos plateformes de communications et mieux servir nos membres.   

En effet, à compter de juillet prochain COPA Flight sera en format magazine (8 ½’ X 11’), tout en couleur et distribué à tous les membres COPA.   Cette entente d’impartition nous fera aussi bénéficier de la capacité de CAP à diffuser promptement des nouvelles aéronautiques, améliorant l’expérience en ligne de nos membres via le site web et une info-lettre régulière.

À compter d’aujourd’hui, les contacts sont (en anglais seulement pour l’instant):

Édition: Russ Niles,

Publicité: Katherine Kjaer,

Toute autre question ou commentaire peuvent être adressés à Bernard Gervais, Prés. 613 236-4901 p. 102

Petition - Halt the Collingwood Airport Turbines

COPA members, family, friends - register your vote and share your thoughts at  

Recent Highlights:

For more than seven years, citing public health, area economic, pilot and public safety and other reasons, residents in the community of Clearview Township have voiced opposition to WPD Canada’s proposed eight 500’ high wind turbines. Two of the turbines will be 2.1 NM (2.5miles) from Collingwood airport and all eight impact the Stayner aerodrome. Already in 2014, South Dakota, US, an aircraft collided with a blade of a turbine, resulting in 4 fatalities. Click here for more information.

Tie-Breaking By-Election Required in the Maritimes  

For the first time a tie exists between two candidates for one of two director positions. In the Maritimes, Brian Chappell was re-elected as one of the two Directors. An equal number of votes was received by John Navaux and Brian Pound. It is necessary to determine how to break the tie, since there are no existing guidelines.  The process used this spring to break the tie will inform amendments to Board Policy and General Operating By-laws, as applicable; to be followed should a tie occur in the future.

Consultation occurred between the Nomination and Governance Committees, the Maritime candidates, staff and review of practice in other organizations was done. Rather than leaving it to fate, one further vote will occur with the tied candidates being eligible. (Another time, this may result in more than two candidates being eligible.)

Voting Preparation

The tied candidates were given the opportunity to submit an updated Biography with comments, up to 200 words in length. These will appear in the May COPA Flight paper for all COPA members to read. April 18, finds them posted in the Members Only section of for COPA Maritime members to view along with the candidates’ previously submitted Responses to the Personal/Interpersonal, Governance and Technical/Strategic Competency Questionnaires.  

Voting Procedures

Beginning April 18 until the end of the day May 16 eligible Maritime voters log in at Members Only on the website with User Name (membership number) and secure password. Click on Members Area which opens a new page and choose Election: Candidate Background and Voting to brief yourself and place your vote. Alternatively, you may request before April 29 a ballot be mailed to you with a self-addressed envelope. Contact Heather McLaren 613-236-4901 ext. 110, or  Paper ballots must be received at the COPA office regardless of date posted by May 16. 

Three Ottawa area COPA members will act as scrutinizers at the close of the Election period. Should the tie persist after the second vote, a coin toss will be used to choose which candidate is to be declared successful. Election results will be communicated to the candidates as soon as practicable and conveyed to the COPA Board of Directors. Next, results will be announced on the website, social media and in the COPA Flight newspaper. 

The newly elected Director’s name will be added to the list of successful candidates from the first round of voting. Those names will be brought to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) June 25th for ratification, signaling the start of the term of office for those acclaimed and elected Directors. Candidates are invited as Observers to the June meetings of the Board of Directors. 

Maritime COPA members, the rest of us look to you to vote in this historic By-Election, indicating the co-representative of your Region to join the Board in governing the national organization.

COPA Flight Challenge- “Oshkosh Air Venture VIP Prize”

Recruit COPA members! 

The COPA Flight that recruits the most COPA members (new or membership expired before July 31 2015) will win the “bragging rights” and will have their name published in COPA Flight newspaper.  Form must be received at COPA office by June 15, 2016.

This Grand Prize will be drawn between all participating COPA Flights! 

The winning COPA Flight will then draw this Grand Prize amongst its members!

Grand Prize includes:

-Helicopter flight for two over Air Venture
-Two VIP passes to the Airshow Pavilion
-Two adult weekly passes 
-USD $50 EAA gift certificate at Gift Shop
-Access to a golf cart for one day

Total Value “Priceless”             -Valid for Oshkosh 2016-

Click here for the membership application form.
For those of you already going to Oshkosh 2016, click here for details about the All Canadian Cookout 2016 in the Partner Resource Tent.

 Jan 15 UPDATE

COPA's and partners' work has come through. Amended NOTAMS are now public. Things are back as they were before, please contact COPA if you have questions.

Le travail de COPA et ses partenaires a porté fruit.  Les NOTAMS amendés sont maintenant publics.  Contactez COPA si vous avez des question.

Click here to read an interesting article from CBC News "FAA banned Canadian private planes from US airspace for 1 month"

 January 4

To all Canadian Pilots as of January 1st, 2016, US Notam FDC 5/6289, requiring a US TSA approval for *all* flights through US airspace. COPA is currently working with authorities to resolve this issue.  

 COPA's new Lifetime Membership

lifetime member pin
We have just set up a COPA Lifetime Membership for $1,000.  Never worry about your membership lapsing or having to pay dues again.  Sign up and receive a special lifetime member baseball cap, a new membership card and a special certificate.  You will also receive a new Lifetime Member pin. Call 613-236-4901 ext 100 for more information.

 UAV Safety Alert / Alerte à la sécurité de UAV

Transport Canada issued a Civil Aviation Safety Alert to remind all persons operating unmanned aircraft (model aircraft and unmanned air vehicles or UAVs), for any purpose, about the safety impacts and consequences of interfering with manned aircraft operations, including firefighting aircraft.  

Transports Canada a diffusé une Alerte à la sécurité de l’Aviation civile qui vise à rappeler à toutes les personnes qui utilisent des aéronefs non habités (modèles réduits d’aéronefs et véhicules aériens non habités ou UAV), dans quelque but que ce soit, les incidences sur la sécurité et les conséquences qu’il y a à interférer avec les opérations des aéronefs habités, y compris les aéronefs de lutte contre les incendies.

Donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund today

Given the considerable challenges we continue to face against our freedom to fly, we urge everyone to consider donating to the Freedom to Fly Fund. 

Click here for examples of how the Freedom to Fly Fund has been applied to date.

Downloadable COPA Freedom to Fly Fund Donation Form MS Word format / PDF Format

Automatically donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund each month. MS Word format / PDF Format

Freedom to Fly Fund Corporate Sponsor form

Women of Aviation




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