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Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal has ruled in the favour of aviation, that the wind farm would potentially “harm human health” by creating obstacle hazards in the pattern for Collingwood Regional Airport in southern Ontario and Stayner aerodrome.

More details to come.

Support your Freedom to Fly Fund and Win

New Manager of Operations/Nouveau Directeur des opérations

COPA is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Manager of Operations.  Click here for the release note.  A subsequent announcement will follow next week, announcing our new Manager of Government Affairs.  Stay tuned!

COPA est fière d’annoncer l’embauche notre nouveau Directeur des opérations.  Voir le communiqué en pièce jointe.  Une annonce ultérieure sera faite la semaine prochaine, annonçant la venue de notre nouveau Directeur des affaires gouvernementales.  Demeurez à l’écoute!


COPA is increasing its membership dues/COPA augmentera le montant de ses cotisations

Effective January 1, 2017, COPA will be increasing its membership dues. As you know, your dues are used to help improve the services we provide you and to help protect your freedom to fly. We must demonstrate our solidarity and do our best to ensure we have the means to continue this passion that drives us. 

Please note that if you renew your membership before January 1st, you will pay the current pricing. Take advantage of this offer by renewing your COPA membership today!


À compter du 1er janvier 2017, la COPA augmentera légèrement le montant de ses cotisations. Comme vous le savez, votre contribution est destinée à améliorer les services que nous vous offrons et permettre de préserver notre liberté de voler partout au pays. Nous devons nous montrer solidaires et prendre les moyens pour assurer la pérennité de la passion qui nous anime.

Sachez que si vous renouvelez votre adhésion avant le 1er janvier prochain, vous paierez la tarification actuelle. Profitez de cette offre en renouvelant votre abonnement COPA dès aujourd’hui !

COPA 2017 Convention registration now open

The COPA 2017 Convention is being held June 23-24 in Kelowna, BC.

Click here to visit the Kelowna Convention website for information on hotels, camping and the agenda. 

Kelowna Under the Tree!

Receive a gift certificate mailed to you to put 'under the tree' for your spouse, your friend, or yourself! Upon arrival in Kelowna receive a gift basket full of locally produced goodies valued at over $75! The gift basket will be filled with consumables and souvenirs representative of our local Okanagan Valley area. You can enjoy them during your stay or bring them home with you! This offer is valid while supplies last. Limit of one basket per family. Gift Baskets will not be shipped; they will be delivered to you upon your arrival in Kelowna for the June 2017 AGM. Should you cancel your registration and not attend the AGM, your gift basket order will be cancelled and the purchase price refunded with your registration fee.

Be sure to click here to register for this event and purchase your gift certificate for Kelowna Under the Tree.

COPA Membership Satisfaction Survey/Sondage sur la satisfaction des membres de COPA

The survey is to make sure that the association serves its members as best as possible, by collecting opinions, facts and figures to better understand who its members are.

The last COPA membership satisfaction surveys were carried out in 2007 and 2012, the plan is to follow up every five years to see what has changed and to get new information on what members think about COPA and aviation issues.

Click here to take part in the survey


Cet automne, COPA entreprendra un nouveau sondage, afin de mesurer le degré de satisfaction de ses membres. En recueillant des opinions, des renseignements et des chiffres, les auteurs de la démarche désirent s'assurer que la direction de l'association restera constamment en mesure de combler les intérêts des membres.

Les derniers sondages de satisfaction envers COPA ont été entrepris en 2007 et en 2012. Notre intention est donc d'effectuer un suivi à tous les cinq ans pour déceler les changements d'humeur comme les tendances, et pour recueillir, au-delà des simples statistiques, des informations concrètes et constamment à jour sur ce que les membres pensent de leur association ou du monde de l'aviation at large.

Clicquez ici pour le sondage

COPA is looking for your input for two new surveys open to all Canadian Aviation Enthusiasts

COPA is looking for input on an IFR Equipage survey and a UAV/Model Aircraft Survey.

Click here for the IFR Survey.

Click here for the UAV/Model Aircraft Survey. 

Deux nouveaux sondages! COPA veut votre opinion, ouvert à tous les canadiens amateurs de l'aviation

Ces sondages concernent les pilotes qui volent aux instruments et les opérateurs de drones ou modèles réduits

Cliquez ici pour le sondage Equipement IFR (vol aux instruments) 

Cliquez ici pour le sondage modèles réduits/UAVDrones  

New Affinity Program for COPA Members

COPA has partnered with Qtrade Investor, the organization behind one of Canada’s top-rated online brokerages. 

Through the online brokerage program, our members and their spouses will receive preferred commission rates starting at $7.75 per online equity order. This represents a 20% savings compared to average commissions charged by the major banks’ brokerages*. That savings will allow our members and their spouses to keep more of their dollars invested, so they can achieve their financial goals faster. 

Click here for more information.

COPA Reaffirms Importance of General Aviation to Canada's Tranportation System

Click here to view COPA response to Canadian Transportation Act review.

Click here to view the Transport Canada report.

COPA and Breitling - Navitimer World COPA

Bretling proudly launches the Navitimer World COPA, a 50-piece limited edition chronograph honoring the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association and perfect for global flight.  This new and exclusive addition to the Navitime series paying tribute to COPA's contribution ot general aviation and features a dial and caseback showcasing the COPA logo.

Click here to purchase your new watch! 

Navitimer watch


 Proud British Columbia COPA Flights!

COPA National is highlighting the efforts of COPA Flights that have a real authentic passion, exhibit pride and enthusiasm towards COPA National by promoting their association with COPA National in a conspicuous way on their website. The first of the series, were the Ontario COPA Flights, because I was inspired to start this endeavor by one COPA Flight in Ontario. Get inspired, their creativity is amazing! Also see the Proud Prairies & NWT COPA Flights websites. Click on photo for BC

I hope to capture all the COPA Flights if I forgot any, please do not hesitate to send me your link or update your COPA Flight status online

Donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund today

Given the considerable challenges we continue to face against our freedom to fly, we urge everyone to consider donating to the Freedom to Fly Fund. 

Click here for examples of how the Freedom to Fly Fund has been applied to date.

Downloadable COPA Freedom to Fly Fund Donation Form MS Word format / PDF Format

Automatically donate to the Freedom to Fly Fund each month. MS Word format / PDF Format

Freedom to Fly Fund Corporate Sponsor form





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