March 15, 2023

ZOLEO Successfully Migrates to Global Rescue

Phil Lightstone

– By: Phil Lightstone 

On March 7th, 2023, ZOLEO announced the migration of their Emergency Response Coordination service to Global Rescue ( SOS alerting will function as usual and will not be disrupted or impacted in any way.  Zoleo is a joint venture between Beam Communications (founded 200) and Roadpost Inc (founded 1991).    Beam manufacturers the Zoleo hardware, while Roadpost looks after sales, marketing, billing, Iridium wholesale activities and technical support.

Delivering on its mission to be there when it matters most, Global Rescue has provided global safety, security and risk mitigation solutions since 2004. Their track record and team of medical professionals and military special operations veterans has made them the provider of choice for some of the world’s largest organizations. As far as ZOLEO is concerned, when it comes to emergency response coordination services, these are the folks you want in your corner. Every active ZOLEO subscription plan includes Global Rescue’s expert 24/7 SOS monitoring and emergency response coordination services 365 days a year.  Global Rescue has one million members, conducted 20,000 rescue operations and has worked in over 200 countries.

SOS Monitoring Services are available in all countries and territories of the world covered by the Iridium satellite network and all international areas including international waters and oceans excluding those countries which are subject to Global Rescue underwriting restrictions i.e. Afghanistan, Chechnya, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Israel (West Bank, Gaza and Occupied Territories only), Somalia, Syria, and Libya.

Zoleo’s key features include: IP68 dust and water resistant to 4.9 feet for 30 minutes; weights 5.3 oz (150 g); Micro USB Type B connector to recharge the Lithium-Ion battery; 200 hours battery life, based upon checking messages every 12 minutes; GPS and GLONAS navigation; and Bluetooth LE, supporting one connected user at a time with a range up to 164 feet.    Optional accessories include: Cradle Kit allowing Zoleo to be attached to a GoPro style mount, and includes the cradle, belt clip insert and camera mount insert; Universal Mount Kit which includes the Cradle Kit, a USB car charger, RAM suction cup; and float designed specifically to keep the Zoleo device afloat when placed in water. 

To economize satellite communications costs, the Zoleo App can send and receive messages in three ways: natively over the Iridium satellite network; using your smartphone’s Wi-Fi connection; or using your smartphone’s cellular connection.  Technically this is called least cost routing.  Sending a message over the app will use the satellite network if it cannot send a message over cellular or Wi-Fi.  A definite billing advantage.

(Image from ZOLEO)