February 9, 2018



Marc Whittemore

Kelowna, B.C.

Hello COPA friends,

My spouse, Susanne, and I are passionate aviators, flying for pure joy and fun. Living in BC affords us the opportunity to go and see places we would not get to as often otherwise with busy work schedules.

My flying dream got real in about 1995 with about 1100 hours to date, holding a private license with instrument rating, and ownership of eight beautiful single engine birds over the years; currently flying a Mooney Rocket and a Maule. We are proud members of the Kelowna and Nanaimo flying clubs and our informal Nakusp flyers group.

Why a COPA director?

Our mission statement centers on “freedom to fly”. This freedom is always under threat from a variety of sources, and my main reason to stand for election is to help continue the work to preserve this great freedom which I cherish. There are two other related reasons which indirectly contribute to preserving and enhancing the freedom.

Firstly, it would be so helpful to establish some type of pilot support program. Many new pilots are too intimidated to fly to destinations they would like to. The system appears at first view to be overwhelming; one or two flights with a fellow pilot on board is all it takes. Kelowna to Victoria is an example – a bit daunting but a conversation and ride with someone familiar is all that’s needed; fellow pilots helped me long ago and I’ve helped others over the years. A structured program would help pilots overcome these intimidations.

Secondly, ATC has different criteria for control in mountainous regions driven by safety. I advocate extra training/knowledge built into our private licensing for those training in mountainous regions to help pilots avoid the various insidious risks associated with mountain flying, and at the same time increase the freedom to fly by equipping pilots with more knowledge.

As a practicing lawyer in Kelowna for 30+ years, I bring knowledge of legislative and regulatory schemes and a healthy wariness of the agendas of government and lobby groups.

If elected a COPA director, I will serve faithfully and diligently.