September 13, 2018

Whirly-Girls Scholarships Available


A number of flight training scholarships are available for eligible female helicopter pilots to add additional ratings or qualifications to their licence. The scholarships are either provided by the Whirly-Girls or are administered on behalf of foundations and industry groups they have partnered.

The Whirly-Girls is a not-for-profit organization founded in the U.S. in 1955 for the purpose of advancing women’s role in the helicopter industry. As of 2018, there are over 2000 members from 49 countries.

This year there are 14 scholarships on offer, with some valued at $20,000 USD. Scholarships provide training in such things as external load handling, advanced mountain flying techniques, transition training to Bell 206 and Airbus H125 and many more. In recent years, the various scholarship offerings have added up to over $175,000 USD.

Applicants must have been a member of the Whirly-Girls prior to September 23, 2018 and must submit their application before October 15, 2018.

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