February 9, 2018



Ken Welte

Nanaimo, B.C.

1) I hold a Cat 3 medical, with a Day and Night VFR rating, with 800 hours on type total pic time of 900 hours. I am competent at flying from both left and right seats of a Cessna, an Arrow and a Comanche. I have around 300 off airport landings under my belt. Nanaimo grass, Vargas island and Nootka Island Beaches, Dog creek, etc (again, landing from both left and right side of AC). I have flown most of British Columbia, big chunks of Yukon, Alaska, Alberta and Washington State.

2) I Own a Cessna 172

3) I am with the Nanaimo Flying Club and Nanaimo Air Cadets. I have supported the local Copa for Kids days at the Nanaimo chapter and I have in the past been a Cadet Familiarization Pilot. I run the Flying Scholarship program at my Air Cadet squadron.

4) I believe that recruitment of new membership is the biggest requirement for COPA over the next few years. With the drastic requirements for pilots in commercial aviation, our (Copa) voice needs to be strong to advocated for access to airports and air space. As costs, sore we need a strong voice to support General Aviation.

5) My single most important skill is I am a comfortable and an effective public speaker in front of any size group. My second most important skill is that I have a passion for mentoring leadership in youth.

Quick Bio

Born in Campbell River BC and graduated from Nanaimo Distrist Secondary Highschool. I attended Malaspina College and studied Science and Social Science.

As a teenager, I was an air cadet. I received my private pilot’s license while in college. I am Civilian Instructor with Air Cadets and run the flying program as well as mentoring young cadets on career planning and life skills. I complete one big flying trip every year.

I am a pragmatic and professional negotiator, I own my own business and understand how to keep costs in check. I understand that costs are our biggest barrier to enjoying General Aviation. As commercial aviation grows at an unprecedented pace, we need a strong voice advocating for General Aviation, from the local airports to the Federal government.