November 15, 2023

Waterloo Warbirds Open House

Jon Robinson

— Photos and text by Gus and Clara Corujo

The Waterloo Warbirds on Sunday, October 29, hosted a fantastic open house event at Hangar 9. Despite some unpredictable weather, the turnout was impressive with more than 300 eager visitors streaming in as soon as the hangar doors opened.

The day was packed with excitement as families, many with their little ones in creative costumes, had the chance to get up close and personal with a remarkable collection of warbirds and a few visiting aircraft. Aviation enthusiasts explored the displays and found a variety of cool merchandise available for purchase.

As always, Lost Aviator Coffee Co. was on hand, offering visitors the chance to savour and take home some top-notch coffee. Another exciting feature was the Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre, providing insights into flight training for those with a passion for flying.

Notably, the booth with guide dog puppies from the Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides was a heartwarming and popular attraction. Learning about their incredible mission left a lasting impression on many visitors.