September 5, 2019

Warbird Crash Kills Pilot


A well-known member of the warbird community was killed Aug. 31 when his Nanchang CJ-6 crashed during an air show in northern Alberta. Although authorities have not officially released his identity, the Athabasca Advocate reported that Marty Pendrak was at the controls when the aircraft (C-FTGZ), which is registered to him, went down in trees near Smith, Alberta. Pendrak was reportedly flying in formation with his father Barry as part of Barry Pendrak Airshows performance when he went down.

Meanwhile the RCMP is asking anyone who might have video of the performance and the crash to come forward to aid the investigation. The Pendraks live in Smith, which is about 180 km. north of Edmonton. Barry Pendrak was contacted by various media but declined to comment on the incident except to say the show had been approved by Transport Canada.