November 8, 2018

Victim Identified In Carp, Ont. Mid-Air Collision


The pilot of the Cessna 150 involved in last Sunday’s mid-air collision with a Piper Cheyenne over Carp airport (CYRP) has been identified as Ottawa-area resident Gerhard Herget, the only fatality in the accident.

Herget, who was in his 80s, was well known in the Carp airport community, according to his friend Vincent Charron, a retired airline pilot. The 1967 Cessna 150G was purchased by Herget from another of Charron’s friends just last September, and had previously owned other Cessnas going back to 1985, including a 152, 172G and a 177B.

According to early reports, the Herget’s 150 collided with the landing gear of the Piper PA-42 Cheyenne, causing one of the 150’s wings to be partially severed. Control of the Cessna was lost, and a post-crash fire ensued.

The privately registered Cheyenne, owned by Carp-based property developer Nautical Lands Group, received damage to its landing gear, tail and rudder. Despite the damage, the turbo-prop twin, with its pilot and a family member on board, was able to safely land at nearby Ottawa (CYOW). The photo above shows the right main landing gear in an irregular position.

Conditions were VFR at the time of the collision, which occurred while both aircraft were within the airspace of the airport’s traffic pattern, according to the TSB.

The TSB said in a statement that the Cessna has been brought to its Engineering Laboratory in Ottawa to help determine how the two aircraft came into contact. By analyzing scratch marks and impact damage, investigators are hoping to get a more precise picture of the exact position of each aircraft at the time of impact, and what the impact geometry was. They will also review ATC audio and radar data for more clues.