August 12, 2020

US Dad Visits Canadian Son – Using his USAF C-17 Globemaster


In another unusual story in these unusual times, four-year-old Surrey, British Columbia resident Ethan Fritz received a visit from his American father in the form of a low-level flyover of the nearby White Rock pier.

Young Ethan’s father, US Air Force reserve LCol T.K. Minzak, got permission from both U.S. and Canadian authorities to enter Canadian airspace just north of the U.S.-Canada border in order to rock his wings in a tribute to his son, whom he hadn’t seen since March. The border closure put a stop to the regular three-hour road trips to the Seattle area to visit his father, whose regular job is as a pilot for Alaska Airlines.

Arrangements for the flyover were made at the last minute and, with little time for Ethan’s mother Alyssa Fritz to spread the word, the event caught the attention of most area residents by complete surprise.

“I was in-between if it was a good or a bad idea,” the boy’s mother told local newspaper Surrey Now-Leader. “I couldn’t pass it up, my son seeing his dad. We all went out of our way to make it happen.

The giant transport aircraft did a 360-degree orbit at about 1,000 feet above sea level, rocking his wings to the delight of Ethan and his family and friends gathered at the end of the pier.

“He did a airshow for me. He tipped his wings at me,” Ethan was quoted in an interview with local radio station News 1130.

Watch a video recording of the event by clicking here.

Photo credit: BlackPress TV