August 3, 2017

Update to UAV/Drone regulations


Transport Canada recently amended the regulations concerning the operation of drones and UAVs, particularly in proximity to airports and aerodromes/heliports.

For smaller, non-commercial drones between 250g and 35kg, the following new rules apply:

-No higher than 90m AGL

-If your drone weighs between 250g and 1kg, at least 30m away from vehicles, vessels, and the public

-If your drone weighs between 1kg and 35kg, at least 75m away from vehicles, vessels, and the public

-At least 5.5km from all aerodromes, airports, seaplane bases, and any other areas where aircraft take-off and land

-At least 1.8km away from heliports and aerodromes used exclusively by helicopters outside of controlled or restricted airspace

-At least 9km from a disaster area or natural hazard

-Away from interfering with police and first responders

-Day only, not in clouds

-Within sight at all times

-Within 500m of the operator

-Must be clearly marked with operator’s name, address, and telephone number

Failure to follow the regulations for safe, legal drone operation could result in fines of up to $3,000.