July 9, 2020

Under-the-Wing Camping Database


By Jean-Pierre Bonin

You may have read Janine Cross’s article in the July edition of COPA Flight on tips for under-the-wing camping. For those who are looking for aerocamping-friendly airports, I have started a project hoping to collect data on which airports you can go to for an overnight stay while camping on site, under or near your aircraft.

The project is still in its early days, listing just a few airports/aerodromes in Quebec and two in Southwestern Ontario. At this stage, you probably could be more useful to my document than the document will be for you, but I am confident it will grow, and we will eventually add other provinces and territories.

For now, please limit your contributions to airports and aerodromes in Canada.

Do you know of an aerocamping-friendly airport? Send me information, specifically the person I should contact in order to obtain the needed data. Better yet, if you own or manage an aerodrome or airport and want to have your facility listed, please do contact me.

Access the aerocamping directory, in PDF format, by clicking here. I can be contacted either this email address or this one.

Thanks for your help. Fly safely and enjoy the outdoors.

Photo credit: J-P Bonin