November 21, 2019

uAvionix Needs Canadian Volunteers


uAvionix is hard at work obtaining an STC for their tailBeacon X – a Mode S ADS-B Out transponder integrated with WAAS GPS into an LED rear position light. tailBeacon X is similar to their popular 978 MHz UAT product in the U.S., but it is optimized for space-based ADS-B surveillance (Aireon and others) and is intended to meet or exceed surveillance performance of transponders with antenna diversity at significantly less cost and installation effort. They wish to address the Canadian airspace requirement for space-based ADS-B OUT.

Part of their STC process is to collect operational data and, to this effect, uAvionix will be conducting flight testing in Canada in the near future. COPA and uAvionix are in discussions to facilitate this process.

Since the product is not certified yet, the project will be executed on amateur-built (non-certified) aircraft. COPA and uAvionix are seeking a number of aircraft pilots/owners who would be willing to participate in this test program. The details are well on their way to being finalized. The information available at this point include:

  • uAvionix would provide a complete system with installation guidance
  • uAvioinx would provide a data logger for installation in the aircraft
  • the pilot would fly a number of flights, typically of one-hour duration or more
  • the pilot will need to fly a minimum number of flights during that period (to be determined)
  • the pilot would enter data in a dedicated website link for uAvionix analysis
  • the test program aims to be completed by the end of Feb 2020 (an aggressive schedule)
  • at completion of the flight test program, the participants would get to keep the equipment, except the data logger, as a gift in appreciation of their support to this effort


This is PRELIMINARY only; many details are yet to be confirmed. The purpose of this notice is to inform pilots/owners of this upcoming event and to canvass our community for their interest in participating in this effort.

Interested pilots/owners are to signify such to Jean-Claude Audet as soon as possible, providing details of their type of aircraft, the area in Canada where they live, the type of flying they typically do, etc. More information may be required later as the project definition is more complete.