June 18, 2020

Two Light Planes Collide – All Five Occupants Walk Away


It is remarkable that a mid-air collision involving two light aircraft resulted in only minor injuries to one of the five occupants involved. Injured was an elderly pilot who was rescued from his upside-down, submerged float-equipped Citabria 7GCB after losing control and crashing into the Ottawa River near Constance Bay in the northwestern part of the nation’s capital.

The other aircraft involved in the collision, a Cessna 172M, sustained damage to its nose gear and cowling but was able to land without further incident at nearby Arnprior airport (CNP3).

The pilot of the Citabria, reported to be Peter Cameron of the Ottawa community of Dunrobin, was rescued by nearby boaters and was able to walk unaided once back on land. He was hospitalized with minor injuries.

On board the Cessna was pilot Don Richardson with two other adults and their child. While flying from the scene of the collision to Arnprior, about 14 nm away, another aircraft flew alongside the damaged Citabria to assess and report the damage. Emergency crews were mobilized on the ground at Arnprior airport to assist if required. A CC-130H Hercules was also mobilized from CFB Trenton after the midair collision was reported but returned to base once the 172 landed safely.

The Transportation Safety Board is investigating.

Photo credit: Marc Hallam