December 13, 2023

TSB reports on collision with vehicle and terrain in Langley

Jon Robinson

Occurrence aircraft wreckage after the post-impact fire (Photo: TSB)

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada released its investigation report (A23P0039) into the 2 May 2, 2023, landing accident in which a privately registered Cessna 182P aircraft collided with a vehicle and then struck the perimeter fence at the Langley Regional Airport, British Columbia. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) conducted a limited-scope, class 4 investigation into this occurrence to advance transportation safety.

The Cessna 182P was conducting a Visual Flight Rules sightseeing flight from Langley Regional Airport (CYNJ), British Columbia, with the pilot and one passenger on board. TSB explains, that on return to CYNJ, the pilot conducted a straight-in approach to Runway 25 and the aircraft was observed to be low on the approach. Shortly after, the aircraft struck a pickup truck that was driving on 216 Street, explains TSB, a public road, approximately 450 feet east of the runway’s displaced threshold.

Map showing the occurrence location, with close-up view in inset. (Source of main image and inset: Google Earth, with TSB annotations)

The aircraft then struck the airport perimeter fence approximately 60 feet west of the initial impact with the pickup truck, according to TSB’s report, and slid a further 30 feet before it came to rest against a berm. A post-impact fire started shortly after, explains the TSB, but the passenger was able to exit the aircraft unassisted and a bystander helped the pilot out of the aircraft – both were airlifted to hospital and the aircraft was destroyed.

Visit TSB’s website for its full investigation report.