June 23, 2022

TSB investigation: Fatal September 2021 collision with water and capsizing

Jon Robinson

Satellite image illustrating the occurrence aircraft’s estimated take-off run and flight path, as well as the winds and the site of the collision with the water (Source: Google Earth, with TSB annotations)

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) in mid-May 2022 released its investigation report (A21Q0090) into the collision with water and capsizing that occurred in September 2021 in Ferme-Neuve, Quebec.

The TSB conducted a limited-scope, fact-gathering investigation into this occurrence to advance transportation safety through greater awareness of potential safety issues.

The occurrence took place shortly after, at approximately 1:55 pm EST, a privately registered Piper PA-18S-150 floatplane (registration C-FVPZ, serial number 18-8540) took off from Rivière du Lièvre in the municipality of Ferme-Neuve, Quebec, with the pilot and a passenger on board, to conduct a visual flight rules (VFR) flight to a body of water located 13 nautical miles (NM) west of Parent, Quebec.

TSB explains a person on the south bank of the river observed the aircraft near the surface of the water, in a steep right bank, shortly after takeoff. After briefly losing sight of the aircraft, TSB notes this witness then saw the airplane inverted in the river. The two occupants were found drowned, explains the TSB report, and the passenger was partially out of the door. The aircraft sustained major damage to the left wing.

For more information on the report and its findings, visit TSB’s website.