September 20, 2018

Transport Canada: Wildlife Strike Reporting


Transport Canada (TC) has issued an Advisory Circular (AC) that brings the aviation community’s attention to the requirements for the formal reporting of wildlife strikes. The AC, issued this week, does not change any existing rules or regulations, but is meant to provide guidance to those who do have a regulatory responsibility to report wildlife strikes, such as certified airport operators.

TC began collecting wildlife strike data in the mid-1980s. When the National Airports Policy was implemented in 1994 and TC began to divest itself of the operation of airports nation-wide, data collection ceased. However, in 2006 TC again collecting wildlife strike data. Initial results showed that wildlife strikes had surged by 45 percent over the previous decades. Data indicates that wildlife strike incidents continue to increase

TC has identified this matter as an important safety issue, and encourages non-certified airport operators, pilots, air traffic controllers and those witnessing wildlife strike incidents to contribute to the reporting.