April 15, 2021

Transport Canada Updates COVID Exemptions


Information provided by COPA

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Transport Canada (TC) has adapted many of its regulations with the intention of supporting pilots, medical examiners, flight schools and everyone else impacted by the various shutdowns. TC is currently working on renewing the following COVID-19 exemptions which are set to expire between now and June 1st, 2021:

• NCR-125-2020 – Allows candidates to write an examination with 50% less experience.

• NCR-128-2020 – allows Pilot Examiner to conduct CPL flight test with the candidate not having written the CPL written examination.

• NCR-129-2020 – allows a candidate to complete a CPL flight test without having first written the CPL written examination.

• NCR-131-2020 – extends the validity of any additional privileges given past the usual 90 days until they receive the new licence label.

• NCR-134-2020 – allows candidates for certain ratings and licences to attempt the flight test without having first done the written examination.

• NCR-136-2020 – extends the validity of an applicant’s written examination results for up to an additional 10 months.

These six (6) exemptions will help candidates extend validities of examinations and flight tests. They will allow candidates to complete flight tests when an examination can’t be written beforehand. They will also help candidate write an examination with less experience than what is normally required for those that can complete ground schools but can’t necessarily get the required flight time in due to COVID closures.

To download the full NCR, go to the link found here and request the PDF by submitting your email address. TC will then send you two emails. The first is a confirmation that TC has received your request. The second contains the actual file requested in PDF format.

If you require any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact COPA at copa@copanational.org with NCR information request in the subject line.

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