March 9, 2022

Time to re-open more airports of entry

Jon Robinson

— By Fadi El Masry, Director of External Relations, COPA

We were pleased to see the NOTAM restricting the airports of entry lifted on February 28, it was our hope that it meant all CANPASS locations would re-open. Unfortunately, over 10 days later, and that is still not the case.

While more airports are being added (currently 92 airports), we have not seen the plan for the rollout, especially for regions that are disproportionately affected, such as the prairies. COPA has reached out to CBSA to ask for the re-opening plan and advocate for more airports, especially CANPASS, to re-open as soon as possible.

Out of the 48 CANPASS airports of entry, only five are now open, and out of the 65 general aviation airports only 29 are open. CANPASS’ users are approved low risk travelers, it only makes sense to re-open all CANPASS airports as soon as possible to help speed up the border crossings across the country.

COPA will continue to work with CBSA and the Department of Public Safety to ensure that our members and CANPASS users who are trusted travelers get back this much needed service across the country.

(Photo: Adobe Stock)