November 28, 2019

Thunder Bay (CYQT) International Airport Rate Increases


COPA was contacted by the Thunder Bay International Airport Authority (TBIAA) and asked to provide feedback regarding their proposed rate increases. COPA has reviewed the proposal and confirmed that there will be no rate increases or landing fees for piston aircraft operating at CYQT.

The FBO at CYQT is operated by a third party and is not part of these specific proposed rate increases by the TBIAA. Also, we have confirmed that our members should not be charged for parking by the TBIAA if the aircraft is parked at the FBO; the FBO is responsible for their parking fees. If you have been charged by both the FBO and the TBIAA, you are able to contact Kim Pressick in the TBIAA Accounts Receivable department at or by phone at (807) 473-2605 to rectify the charges.