June 14, 2018

Thank You For Your Collaboration


Following our appeal for the perspective and comments of COPA members about the ADS-B Aeronautical Study and the NavAid Modernization Program Aeronautical Study, both issued by NavCanada, the COPA membership participated with great interest. These comments were typically in support of COPA’s position with respect to these programs. Your views will certainly be reflected in our position papers and will also be discussed in the two relevant sessions presented at our COPA convention in St-John NB next week.

Several members also indicated their interest in contributing to the Working Groups organized under the umbrella of the General Aviation Safety Campaign (GASC). These WG are a golden opportunity to contribute to improving our future as active GA aviators.

Due to the number of responses, it is not feasible to respond to each person individually. This is our way of expressing our gratitude to all respondents for your interest and your efforts. We are confident that we can influence some positive changes in GA.