July 28, 2022

Tecnam debuts Gran Lusso P2010 at Oshkosh

Jon Robinson

The Gran Lusso is a luxury version of its P2010 four-seater with refined Italian leather upholstery, carbon fibre insets, and an all-new center FADEC power quadrant that features a Standard FMS to accompany the Garmin NXI touch screen avionics suite. The Gran Lusso is powered by the Continental 170hp Turbo Charged CD-170 Jet/A fuel Power plant.

The Gran Lusso includes, as standard features: New layout of cockpit panel;AFCS Control Unit GMC 707 autopilot with ESP: Flight Management System keyboard and knobs (GCU475); aluminum Trim control wheel in the central console; new parking brakes: double mobile phone housing: improved USB ports: electrical rudder control trim relocated: new wing tips with integrated LED lights; Special Total Metallic painting; and a range of premium interiors combinations.

Tecnam explains the aircraft burns just 5.2 US Gal per hour (less than 20 litres) and takes advantage of the high-wing configuration with 3 access doors plus another dedicated one for the baggage compartment. The airplane is rated to cover 1,000 nm with the full tank capacity of 63 US Gal (240 litres).

The P2010 TDI Gran Lusso is added to the P2010 range: with three different powerplants, and three different fuel capabilities: automotive unleaded (approved on 180hp version), Avgas on the most powerful 215hp variant and, Jet/diesel.

(Photo: Tecnam)