January 17, 2019

TCCA’s Latest Self-Paced Study Program Now Available


The new Self-Paced Study Program is now available in a pdf. It is also available through the Aviation Safety Letter ASL 3-2018. (Once arriving at the web page, make sure you select issue 3/2018 and see pages 26 to 31 at the end of the document.)

As the exam is incorporated in that ASL, it is automatically labelled ‘2018’ but it is in fact the current one and will satisfy the requirements of 401.05 with respect to currency for the 24-month period.

Please note that COPA strongly recommends subscribing to the Aviation Safety Letters, thereby ensuring that you receive the most recent version of the exam as soon as it is published annually (in the third issue of the ASL). The ASL also contains a wealth of aviation safety-related information of immense value to any pilot. One can also print it for reading at your leisure, without resorting to any electronic device. It can also be carried along to the next ‘world aviation problem-solving session’ at your local flying club or coffee-shop meeting.