June 28, 2023

T28 Trojans Fly-In

Jon Robinson

— Text and photos by Gus and Clara Corujo

The T-28 Trojan Fly-In training, scheduled from June 15 to June 17, proved to be a resolute and captivating event despite initial setbacks. The Brantford Formation Clinic, originally planned from June 14 to 18, had to be cancelled due to a shortage of avgas. However, the organizers of the T-28 Trojan Fly-In demonstrated their determination and decided to proceed with the event.

Pilots of T-28 Trojan aircraft gathered at Tillsonburg Airport and a private field in Fort Erie, Ontario, for this exclusive training opportunity. The primary focus of the fly-in was to provide pilots with specialized formation training and facilitate the development of their skills.

Before and after each flight, pilots received comprehensive briefings and debriefings. The nature of this type of flying demanded a high level of expertise and performance from the pilots. However, the efforts invested in meeting these expectations were undoubtedly worthwhile.

Despite encountering unsettled weather conditions during the initial two days, the fly-in turned out to be a remarkable gathering. Participants experienced a sense of thrill and fulfillment throughout the event, engaging in various training activities and forging lasting memories. The opportunity to interact with fellow pilots and share experiences further enhanced the overall experience.

Throughout the T-28 Trojan Fly-In, numerous captivating moments were captured, showcasing the spirit and excitement of the participants. Here are some images from the event, providing a glimpse into the energy and enthusiasm that permeated the training.

The T-28 Trojan Fly-In training served as a testament to the dedication and perseverance of the participating pilots. Despite the initial setback, the event provided a platform for them to showcase their skills and enhance their expertise. It also emphasized the significance of continuous training and the impact it has on the aviation community as a whole.