December 8, 2016

Survey Says!


“Survey Says!’’

By Patrick Gilligan


This is the first in a series of articles providing feedback on comments made by members in our recent membership survey

Some suggestions for improvement have cost implications and the COPA Board of Director’s Strategic Planning Committee will be prioritizing them and providing direction for COPA staff. We in turn will report on progress or issues that prevent us from fully implementing some changes.

Articles will be published as progress is made. Here is the first topic of our survey.

Several members said that we should improve communications by providing weekly news updates. We are pleased to report that this improvement was already in the works when the survey was released. By now, members who have provided an email address in their membership record have received a few weekly editions of COPA eFlight, published by MultiBriefs, a leading publisher of association-branded e-mail publications.
This news service contains COPA news as well as other national and international aviation news and special announcements that may not be included in the monthly COPA Flight newspaper. The first of these COPA eFlight communications was sent out June 14, with more to follow on a weekly basis.

COPA provides MultiBriefs with a few of our in-house news updates each week and they search for related GA articles from across Canada and around the world to add to eFlight. COPA staff previews the selected articles before giving the okay to email eFlight to its members.

If you would like to provide feedback, please do so at
Members will receive eFlight automatically if you have updated your member profile with your email address and did not check the box “I do not wish to receive any solicitations from third parties.”

“Survey Says’’ upcoming topics include:

– Improve COPA National website (a focus group of members will be formed to guide us in revamping the website)
– COPA membership benefits
– Lobbying and promoting aviation in Canada
– Increasing awareness about aviation
– Providing more French translations
– Keeping cost down and providing discounts for members
– Improving education through local COPA Flights chapters
– COPA National promotion at Flight Schools and other newspapers or magazines