Contribute towards our safety training and scholarship programs

The COPA Flight Safety Foundation was incorporated on June 14, 1993 and was granted registered charity status by the Canada Revenue Agency on April 1, 2008.

The COPA Flight Safety Foundation relies exclusively on donations and provides a variety of aviation safety related educational and training services to the Canadian aviation community through its safety program and the COPA Aviation Academy, Canada’s first training portal dedicated to the general aviation academy.

At the same time, the Foundation provides nearly $33,000 in scholarships to deserving pilots each year.

Contributions over $75 are eligible for a tax receipt.

Donate to the Flight Safety Foundation

Support our efforts to protect your Freedom to Fly

The Freedom to Fly Fund was created to guarantee that COPA would have the resources to take on emergency actions, legal or otherwise, in the defence of the Canadian Freedom to Fly.

This fund is made available through the generous contributions of COPA members and supporters, to ensure that we continue to enjoy our freedoms, such as the right to have an airstrip on your property.

Uses of the fund include legal actions such as the federal jurisdiction issue that was successfully brought before the Supreme Court of Canada in 2009-2010.

To apply for support for an issue, click here. Please note, the Freedom to Fly Fund exclusively supports pilots who have been a COPA member for at least 12-months.