August 24, 2017

Storm Damages Lachute Aircraft


A storm system that ripped through the Montreal area on Tuesday spent some of its fury on the airport at Lachute, QC (CSE4) and caused some serious damage to at least three aircraft, a vintage car and a hangar. The storm brought high winds, torrential rain and lightning to southern Quebec and damage will certainly be in the millions. At the Lachute Airport, the result was as disheartening as it was costly.

Violaine Tittley, captain of COPA Flight 118 in Lachute sent the image, which was taken by Claude Camirand, a COPA Club member and President of APPAL (Association des propriétaires et pilotes del’aéroport de Lachute. They show at least three aircraft severely damaged and a vintage car caught in the middle of the mayhem. Tittley attributes the damage to “a tornado or microburst” that went through the airport Tuesday afternoon.