January 4, 2018

Stephenville (NL) ILS Preserved


Nav Canada has canceled plans to decommission the ILS at Stephenville, NL Airport and COPA was among those who asked the air navigation services provider to take a second look. Nav Canada was set to pull out the ILS because it’s so infrequently used but as COPA and many others pointed out, it’s a valuable alternate for St. John’s. There was a good example in late October when an American Airlines Boeing 777 made an emergency landing there with a cracked windshield.

“It bears recognition that the low CYJT IFR traffic levels would not normally support the retention of the ILS; however, its importance in supporting CYJT as a regional IFR alternate was highlighted through the consultation process,” said Marcel Pinon, the manager for level of service and aeronautical studies at Nav Canada. “As a direct result of stakeholder feedback the current ILS equipment is to be retained and replaced in 2018.”