March 31, 2022

Sport Aircraft Canada agreement to distribute Shark 600

Jon Robinson

Sport Aircraft Canada, which has been providing Canadian pilots with aircraft, avionics and accessories for more than 20 years, reached a new agreement to serve as the Canadian distributor of the Shark 600 aircraft.

Sport Aircraft Canada, which is one of the founding members of the Canadian Light Sport Aircraft Association (CLSAA), also currently represents the SkyReach BushCat and the Aerolite 103. It is also the North American distributor for Kanardia Avionics, a popular line of EFIS and EMS systems for the Light Sport category.

The Shark 600 recently received a lot of attention as the aircraft flown by Zara Rutherford on her quest to become the youngest woman to fly solo around the world. Rutherford reached this goal in January 2022 when she touched down her Shark 600 in western Belgium after 155 days.

Sport Aircraft Canada describes the Shark 600 as the fastest aircraft in the world using the Rotax 912 ULS engine. It’s a tandem two-seater with dual controls, including a full Garmin G3X avionics suite with autopilot, ADSB in/out with diversity antennae, a constant speed prop, and retractable gear.

The Shark 600’s rated cruise at maximum continuous power is over 150 kts. Sport Aircraft Canada, as supported by Rutherford achievements, describes the airplane as “a great cross-country machine”. The company notes it will be registered in the Special C of A – Limited category as it exceeds the performance limitations of the AULA category.

Sport Aircraft Canada currently has a demonstration Shark 600 in production, which is due to arrive in Canada this fall. Sport Aircraft Canada’s head office is in Orangeville, Ontario, and keeps its airplanes at the Brampton Airport. Shark Aero is based at Senica Airport in the Slovak Republic.

(Photo: Shark Aero)