September 9, 2020

Skymaster Down – A Documentary Film


In 2018 Toronto-based filmmaker Andrew Gregg was visiting friends in Whitehorse, Yukon when he became aware of the mysterious crash of an American military plane in 1950 with the disappearance of all 44 people on board. The flight had departed Anchorage, Alaska on January 26 bound for Great Falls, Montana, its planned flight route taking the 50-passenger Douglas C-54 Skymaster over the Yukon and British Columbia.

Two hours into the planned eight-hour flight it made a routine position report near Snag, Yukon. That was the last anyone has heard from the aircraft. When the aircraft failed to arrive in Montana, a search effort dubbed Operation Mike was launched, comprising up to 85 American and Canadian planes and 7,000 personnel.

Two Douglas C-47s of the US Air Force and one from the RCAF crashed during the search effort, fortunately without any loss of life. No sign of the aircraft or any of its occupants has been found.

Gregg was so taken in by the mystery that he is directing a soon-to-be-released documentary – Skymaster Down. A trailer can be viewed by clicking here.

The U.S. military called off the search halfway through February as their assets were needed for an even more urgent mission – the search for a missing Convair B-36 bomber on a flight from near Fairbanks, Alaska to Fort Worth, Texas. That aircraft was carrying a nuclear weapon that the crew radioed they had jettisoned over water as the aircraft began losing altitude due to engine troubles. It was the first-ever Broken Arrow event and it was hushed up at the time. That aircraft was found in B.C. three years later. The atomic bomb has yet to be found.