April 2, 2020

Scott McFadden


   Commercial Pilot, Single Engine Land, Group 3 IFR (current)

  • Total Time: 726 PIC: 560 Cross Country PIC: 300 IFR: 62 Night: 26
  • Including high performance, seaplane/amphibious, aerobatics, tailwheel
  • Types flown: BC12D, Champ, J3, 7GCBC, DHC-1, Cessna 100 & 200 series, PA28 series, C421B, PA601P, B33, B55, M231, G21, Su29

Aircraft Ownership

  • Currently C172m (restored 2009-2011), and Taylorcraft BC12D (2019 OSH Grand Champion after 5- year restoration)
  • AME M2 M4 experience on many types, turbine, piston, metal, fabric. Member – COPA, EAA, VAA, NSSAMain Reason to be Involved

    Scott maintains a comprehensive understanding of the economics of air transportation, competition, price sensitivity of demand, economies of scale, ‘X’ inefficiencies, and the importance of General Aviation to the future of the industry. It is clear that the importance of GA is lost to many decision- makers, Scott would like to try and change that!


    Transformational leader and innovator with a proven track record solving problems by uncovering root causes, and designing and implementing efficient and effective solutions. Working experience with three levels of governments at the bureaucratic, deputy minister/minister and PMO levels. Advanced working knowledge of Federal laws and regulations governing the Canadian air transportation sector including several years participation on the Canadian Aviation Regulatory Advisory Council with success in influencing changes to existing and proposed regulations.

    Scott is has rare combination of hands-on knowledge/experience, considerable senior management, governance, operations management, financial management, HR/pension management, government relations and media relations experience, enhanced with academic credentials and executive education.

    Education & Qualifications

    • Wharton University, Leadership & Relationships Dec. 2009
    • Harvard Law, Program on Negotiations Dec. 2007
    • MBA Queen’s University Kingston Ontario
    • O.N.D. Mechanical Engineering, High Wycombe College of Technology (UK)
    • AMEM2
    • SSI Certified SCUBA diver