January 26, 2023

Saugeen Municipal Airport’s bylaws, budget discussed by Brockton council

Jon Robinson

— By Pauline Kerr, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, The Walkerton Herald Times (Photo: Pauline Kerr)

BROCKTON – Clerk Fiona Hamilton prepared a report on the Saugeen Municipal Airport’s revised corporate bylaws.

The discussion that followed included a statement by Mayor Chris Peabody: “Our concerns were not heard.” He said that to “disenfranchise” the municipalities from the asset they own is “unacceptable.”

He and the SMA commission’s new council representative, Carl Kuhnke, noted the commission will be seeking a 10 per cent levy increase from each of the three municipalities of Brockton, Hanover and West Grey.

Kuhnke said the draft budget passed by SMAC is “a revenue neutral budget, if the 10 per cent and $60,000 (fundraising) comes through.”

That statement elicited open surprise from council.

Coun. Greg McLean commented, “I anticipate… an interesting budget discussion.” He further stated that fundraising should never be part of a budget.

Kuhnke said, “You don’t generally take fundraising to fund operational (expenses) – it has to be for a special project.”

Council approved Hamilton’s report, that council “formally request that the SMAC consider formal comments from the member municipalities for formal comment prior to any approval by the commission, and further that the report and resolution be provided to West Grey and Hanover for their consideration.”

Hamilton’s report stated some of the provisions “should reflect the requirements of the Municipal Act, 2001 for local boards.”