Camping at the airport… An unforgettable experience!

Camp under your wings or in your RV. Camping for one or two nights at the airport is an unforgettable experience that many event participants enjoy each year.

Camping under-wing

It is our pleasure to once again offer you the wonderful opportunity to camp under-wing, an unforgettable experience for many conference participants. It is something special, camping for a night or two at the airport, under the benevolent wing of your own plane. This year, we will be offering you even more of the amenities designed to make your weekend as comfortable and memorable as possible. Stay tuned for information on toilets, showers, amenities and every other detail that will make your evenings of under-wing camping something to remember…

Recreational vehicles

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to lodge in your recreational vehicles at a site located very close to the airport. Please note that the site will not have access to services or facilities.