You won’t have to run the planet to find a good place to eat. Lunches are included with the weekend package, buffet style. Click on the days below to view the food that will be provided. Catering is by Le Buffet du Chef.

We tried this food before offering it to you and it is very very good!


Sandwiches: ham / chicken / egg
Chicken pin Wrap
Humus pouch

Salads: Greek / macaroni / couscous with legumes

Cold cuts
Mini chicken brochette
Mini sweet and sour dumpling

Desserts :

  • Homemade pudding
  • Caramel vanilla cake


Ham and Chicken Tortillas
Veggie Egg Pouch
Mini chicken salad croissant


Salads: Country Potato / Vegetable Rotini / Pear, Cranberry and Feta Farfalle

Cheese and grapes
Mini-burger with pulled pork
Cocktail sausages


  • Fruitsalad cake with sugar cream sauce
  • Triple chocolate cake

Under One Sky Menu


  • Punch: Vodka, orange juice, pineapple juice and cranberry juice
  • Bites: Grilled bruschetta, Stuffed mushrooms, Crackers with pâté de campagne


  • Green salad, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, maple vinaigretteMaple salmon
    Chicken supreme, pepper sauce
  • Rice with vegetables
  • Baked potato
  • Seasonal vegetables


  • Chocolate cake, berry coulis, vanilla ice cream


  • Migliano red and white – 1 bottle for 4 people included
    (Available: Farnham beer)


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The APPH will welcome you on Thursday June 23rd with a BBQ, “at our own expense.”

We at the APPH are used to doing these kinds of fun events as we host several events each year.

For the event, Tremcar, one of our partners who is also an important company in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu will lend us their BBQ trailer – definitely a sight to behold!


Nicolas’ Hangar Bistro – where the fun starts!

This will be your favourite spot to hang out. 

Nicolas is looking forward to welcoming you to his bistro which is right in the middle of the event. It will be the place to meet your fellow pilots, chat and try our local products. Below, you can learn more about are our invited vendors, among the best in the region!

A cold beer?

La Terre a Boire brewery farm and distillery. 

La Terre à Boire is a family business born from the desire to enhance the value of the grains they produce. Everything is made with care, from the earth to the glass. 

First, the producers believe in responsible consumption and agricultural production to stimulate the local economy. After nine generations of farming, their latest challenge was to develop a range of alcoholic beverages to add value to their raw materials.  

And the result is excellent.  We were able to experience this recently during our visit. 

Photo by: Sonja Campens

Or a glass of wine? 

Le Vignoble 1292 

Vignoble 1292 offers you 100% Quebec wines, made from hybrid grape varieties resistant to the temperatures of our Quebec winters. Surrounded by maple groves and planted on a sandy-clay loam soil, Vignoble 1292 is established on an exceptional site for the culture of the vine.  

The wines express the terroir typicality. In fact, their qualities have been highlighted many times by recognized sommeliers in Quebec. 

Vignoble 1292 is located in St-Blaise-sur-Richelieu in the Montérégie region and close to the airport, one of the hottest agricultural regions in Quebec. At Vignoble 1292, the vines can easily reach full ripeness thanks to the favorable climate and the meticulous care provided.  


Seven hardy hybrid grape varieties are grown at Vignoble 1292: Frontenac noir, Marquette, St-Croix, Radisson, St-Pepin, Swenson blanc and Frontenac gris. 


Or a good coffee?

Bean et Bonheur… from the tree to the cup 

Bean et Bonheur is a family business that promotes the eco-responsible trade of coffee, from the tree to your cup. You will discover a beautiful range of freshly roasted local coffees that will take you to the four corners of the world! 

With their roasting facilities nearby, you will enjoy high-quality coffee roasted in an environmentally friendly manner.  You will benefit from the two experienced craftsmen, they are excellent advisors.