February 7, 2019

Russian Amphibious AULA Lands in Canada


The first amphibious advanced ultralight aircraft (AULA) to be marketed in Canada has received a Letter of Acceptance from Transport Canada. The Borey Model A flying boat was designed and manufactured by AeroVolga Scientific Production Association, a company founded in Russia in 2002.

The two-seat Borey comes with a Rotax 912UL engine producing 80hp and, when configured to Canadian specifications, has a maximum takeoff weight of 560 kg (1,235 lbs). Maximum cruise speed is 83 kts and stall speed is 35 kts.

Takeoff run on land is 525 feet and 690 feet on water. The rate of climb is 787 fpm. When configured with optional long-range tanks, range is 485 nautical miles. A ballistic recover chute, weighing 18 kg (40 lbs), is an option as is an enhanced glass instrument panel.

Nine Boreys have been delivered globally so far, with another one headed to Canada that  should be available for viewing in the Ottawa area come June.

AeroVolga’s first flying boat project, the LA-8, was a twin-engine eight-passenger that made its inaugural flight in 2004.

Last summer, AeroVolga made international news when a flight of their aircraft, comprising one Borey and two LA-8s, flew around the world along a polar route. The expedition took 43 days and the aircraft flew over 10,800 nm.

Those with distributor and/or dealer enquiries are invited to contact George Alafinov or visit their website. Technical enquiries in Canada can be directed to Patrick Gilligan.