March 16, 2018

Runway Overrun Rule Coming: CBC


The CBC says Transport Canada is poised to increase new runway end safety areas (RESA) from 60 metres to 150 metres at airports with runways longer than 1200 metres (3937.01 feet) but that’s only half of what the Transportation Safety Board wants. The TSB has said repeatedly that RESAs should be at least 300 metres but cost considerations are apparently causing TC to halve that recommendation. According to documents obtained by the CBC, buying the land and making it safe for aircraft to use as a safety net wouldn’t qualify for federal funding.

“RESA installations can be expensive and most affected airports would not benefit from the existing Airports Capital Assistance Program,” the network said it gleaned from a freedom of information request. The CBC said new rules requiring a minimum of 150 metres and a recommended additional 150 metres will be introduced this coming fall.  Although the rule is aimed at preventing accidents like the Aug. 2, 2005 Air France A-340 that went off the end of a runway at Pearson Airport in Toronto, the 1,200-metre limit will capture dozens of small-town airports across the country, many of which either don’t have airline service or are served by smaller aircraft.