November 21, 2019

Runway Determination at Flight Service Stations


On November 7, 2019 Nav Canada issued AIC 41/19 to inform pilots of a change that became effective on November 20, 2019, where Flight Service Specialists (FS) will determine the ‘runway in use’. As per AIC 41/19, this change will be effective at aerodromes where wind equipment is located at the aerodrome for which the FS is providing Airport Advisory Services (AAS) or Remote Airport Advisory Services (RAAS).

The intent of the change is to address numerous safety reports and pilot requests to have the FS determine the runway in use to provide a safe and consistent traffic pattern that will avoid frequency congestion and complexity due to coordination for crossing or opposite-end runway operations. Also, COPA has confirmed that pilots will be able to coordinate the use of a runway that is not advertised with the FS, should traffic and weather permit.


The phraseology associated with the determination of runway will change from “PREFERRED” and “ACTIVE” runways to “RUNWAY”.

Please review AIC 41/19 appended below for more information.

Photo credit: Nav Canada

AIC 41-19 EN