December 21, 2017

Rotax 915 iSc3 A Certified


Rotax has earned European Aviation Safety Agency certification for its new 915 iSc3 A engine allowing its installation in certified aircraft in Europe. Canada and EASA have a reciprocal agreement on certification so Canadian paperwork should follow fairly quickly. “The EASA type certification (TC) allows BRP to now produce the certified 915 iSc3 A engine for the European market thus allus us to fulfill the request of our customers for a more powerful Rotax aircraft engine with proven reliability,” said Thomas Uhr, general manager of BRP-Rotax.

The new engine is based on the architecture of the 912/914 series but will make 141 horsepower for short bursts during takeoff and climb and 136 horsepower in sustained operation. That’s up from the projected rating of 140 and 135 respectively. The engine is aimed at giving better performance across a wide spectrum of light aircraft and is big enough for some four-place aircraft. Rotax has signed up 12 OEMs as launch customers and has 47 additional companies planning to use the engine.