September 6, 2018

Responsible Aerodrome Development – Phase II Underway


The next phase of rulemaking to modernize Canada’s aerodrome regulations is about to get underway. In early August, Transport Canada posted a Preliminary Issue and Consultation Assessment Form (PICA 2018-002) to the Canadian Aviation Regulations Advisory Council (CARAC), soliciting stakeholder comments on Phase II of the Responsible Aerodrome Development (RAD) file. COPA members might recall a concerted battle by our organization in 2013 for Phase I against unfair and inappropriate proposals for future aerodrome construction and expansion. After a lengthy advocacy campaign by COPA and others, Transport Canada modified the proposal to a more simplified regulatory regime with very specific triggers to the public consultation process.

Phase II seeks to strengthen the guidance material and introduce a similar mechanism for developers of projects in the vicinity of aerodromes, such as cell towers and wind turbines, to consult aerodrome operators early in the planning process, before construction begins. Particularly affected by RAD 2 are owners and operators of unregistered aerodromes (not in the CFS), whose location and nature of operations are not always immediately apparent, and who do not necessarily have the protection of an Airport Zoning Regulation, or AZR. COPA will be working hard to ensure a new process respects the right of unregistered aerodrome operators to remain unregistered, while providing developers with a mechanism to determine where these aerodromes are to facilitate the consultation process.

As the CARAC process unfolds, COPA will be consulting with our COPA Flights and other members on this topic to ensure that the community’s concerns are voiced and addressed. The initial comment period for the PICA closes September 28, after which a focus group will be struck, likely in the new year. COPA members wishing to have their comments included in our submission should send them to: