January 18, 2018

Replacement Option For Ameri-King ELTs


ELT manufacturer Orolia has announced it has developed a new version of its Integra model made to replace 14,500 Ameri-King ELTs that were the subject of an airworthiness directive last year. In 2016, the FAA pulled the certification of Ameri-King ELTs and ordered the company to stop producing them. Hundreds of Canadian owners were also affected. The new Kannad Americano-Fit pack is specifically designed to be a certified retrofit for the banned Ameri-King units, which are still installed in thousands of aircraft. AD allows the ELTs to remain in aircraft but requires an annual inspection that will make them expensive to hang on to.

The special model will be available through Aircraft Spruce, Mid Continent, and other avionics suppliers. “We’ve produced more than 65,000 ELTs through the years,” said Christian Belleux, aviation product line director at Orolia, in a news release this week. “The Integra, with its 10-year warranty, is one of our most popular models, and now we’ve made it even easier to install as a replacement for the affected Ameri-King models.”