May 14, 2018

President’s Corner – June 2018


Our mission at work


Not always simple to get more people into aviation to advance and promote our passion, it takes a lot of effort and dedication. Last May 3rd, COPA was proud to be in Edmonton to witness Elevate Aviation, a national organization that started in Edmonton, receive a substantial grant from the hands of the Minister of Status of Women, the Honourable Maryam Monsef, to create a strategic plan to establish and implement ways to create economic security for women through careers in aviation. Elevate has been able to garner support from major industry partners and all are excited to partake in this project, which brings a new dimension of women in aviation by focusing on the economic security. COPA was proud to speak for all of you in endorsing this project and we certainly look forward to seeing the results in the near future. I will personally put some time into this, supporting the endeavours of the team and assuring the success of a project I firmly believe in.


Advance, Promote

In our case, we have revamped the COPA for Kids program this year, to make sure there’s something after the youngsters step out of the aircraft. Starting this year, the program is now giving all those interested 14-17 year olds a free online ground school course to get them to their PPL exam, a full-sized COPA logbook in which to track their upcoming flight hours, along with our Aviation Scholarship Guide done in partnership with Air Canada Pilots Association. We are also expanding the program to you taking youngsters up for a flight anytime in the year, not just on a COPA for kids day, giving you and the passengers a lot more flexibility. See your local COPA Flight for details.


Advance, Promote and Preserve the Canadian Freedom to Fly

In one of our e-Flights, you may have seen that last Nov. 21, COPA submitted an exemption request that “No hard time, including calendar time, for the overhaul of variable pitch propellers need be observed in the case of small aircraft with reciprocating engines in non-commercial private operation” to Transport Canada Civil Aviation (TCCA).  Fast forward to April 2018 and we meet with TCCA, who is looking at finding supporting fact-based evidence, talking to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as well as investigating what, in the 12-month inspections, can be done to see trends or indications of possible failure of props. COPA is ultimately looking at exempting private constant speed props from the requirement to overhaul every ten years in favour of a more cost-effective inspection that allows owners to reinvest in other safety improving equipment. Have you read about the angle of attack indicators you can readily install? Give us a call.