March 28, 2017

President’s Corner – April 2017


New website and digital media

Our new website ( is up and running since April 1st. You’ll find all the stuff we had and much more, with a more modern and pleasant format. Plenty of information and reasons to come back often. A space to share the passion and our mission of advancing, promoting and preserving our Canadian freedom to fly. Also, don’t miss our Facebook page which is now THE page for events and aviation news in the country. Make sure you go to and like the page.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B)

We know what’s going on down south of the border but what’s the future like for us here? In our discussions with Transport Canada, it was made very clear that there is NO plan for any ADS-B for in the near future, certainly not for general aviation. But obviously since the whole world seems to be going to ADS-B, the question is not if but when will this hit us and to what extent. For our members, nothing within the next ten to twelve years at least if not more, and it would most likely be space-based (antenna on top). As some of you may know, there is already ADS-B in the country but it is strictly as an added service to the major carriers. Meanwhile Nav Canada is looking at defining the ADS-B mandate and COPA, as well as other industry partners, are working with them on the preliminary work, on the scope of ADS-B in Canada. COPA will keep you informed though our different communications media.

If you want to read-up on ADS-B, there was an excellent three-part article published in COPA Flight last year from April – June 2016.

Gone to the COPA Convention in Kelowna, BC June 23-24!

This is the biggest Canadian aviation event of the year. You’ve got to be there in this bucolic area. Great weather, beautiful country, freedom to fly… what more could you ask? Plan an evening of fun with friends, while enjoying the Okanagan Valley wines. Why not start planning your fly-outs from the Maritimes and pick members up as you move your way westward? Give us a call or get inspired by going to

COPA Flights meetings & orientation seminars

We’re finally getting to it: the initiative of meeting you the members through our COPA Flights. In the next few months, two pilot projects will take place in the Ottawa and BC regions, where several local Flight Captains will be invited to share with our staff on our mission statement, local activities, success stories, COPA’s work, communications, how Flights can be empowered to play an active COPA role in their communities and much more. Feedback of this preliminary work will be given at the convention.

Graphic design work help wanted.

Any graphics designer firms out there amongst our members, willing to give us a hand and have a chance to do some ground-breaking work for COPA? Give me call or write to me: