June 29, 2018

Post Your Classified Ads Online


COPA’s new online Canadian Plane Trade classified advertising site is up and running and members have embraced the site as their new platform for buying and selling aviation-related items. To place an ad, participants need only set up an account (a painless one-time process), choose from one of four advertising packages and then submit their photos and text. Please use high resolution photos because in addition to appearing on the Web site, the ad will be placed in the popular print version of Canadian Plane Trade in COPA Flight magazine.

Ads will appear online for 30 days and once in the next issue of the print magazine. The prices are very competitive with the U.S.-based Web sites and publications that operate in Canada and they reach a highly targeted audience of active pilots and industry leaders.

As is normal with complex roll-outs like this, there have been a few problems reported in placing ads. If you run into a problem email russ@copaflight.ca to report it.